EveryBODY STAT Summer Camp

Fort Lauderdale:

Grade(s): 6-8
Weeks: 3 & 6

Are you the type of the person that enjoys watching medical shows such as House, The Good Doctor, or Grey’s Anatomy? Has to learn how the human works always intrigued you? Do you wonder what it takes to start your path down the medical road and act out your favorite medical shows? This Summer, Pine Crest has the class for you.

In the EveryBODY STAT Summer program, students will learn hands-on experience of actual procedures and methods doctors use in the medical profession. Students will learn how to dissect and suture up in real life just like their favorite shows. Mock scenarios will be part of the curriculum where students will be given real-life medical dilemmas and must solve the problem using everything at their disposal. DNA isolation, biopsy simulation, and blood typing will also be learned using the best equipment available. So if you are interested in expanding your medical knowledge, consider joining the program.