How do I create my online registration account?

Registration Steps (Also included during the registration process)

1. Click the registration link provided in the email.

2. Under “New user sign-up” enter your First Name, Last name, Email, and Password to create account.

  • Click “Create Account”.

3. Scroll to the bottom and click “Manage People & Household Information” (Do not select “Start Application” until you have completed the "Household Information")

4. Click “Add a child living in this household” below.

  • Be sure to select “Save Person” after completing the form.
  • Repeat to add all children in household.

5. Select “Household Details”

  • Complete “Detailed Household Information”.
  • Complete “Secondary Household Details” if applicable.
  • Be sure to select “Save Changes” after completing the form.

6. Click “Back to Home” to continue the registration process.

7. Select “Start Application” and “Continue”.

8. Select people to Register (Step 1).

  • Please complete for each child to simplify future registrations.
  • Click “Continue”.

9. Click “Registration” and “Add to Cart” (Step 2).

  • Repeat for each child in household.
  • Click “Continue”.

10. Please complete “Fill Out Forms” (Step 3).

  • Household form needs to be completed.
  • Select “Open Form” and complete.
  • Student ID form should be completed.
  • Select “Open Form” and complete.
  • Medical Form must be completed for each child.
  • Click “Open Form” and complete.
  • Click “Next Page” to complete all sections of the Medical Forms.
  • Select “Complete this Form” to finalize all forms.
  • Repeat for each child in household.
  • Click “Continue”.

11. Click “Submit application”.

12. Click “Return Home” and “Logout”.

13. A confirmation will be sent to the email provided and serve that your new account is complete.

14. Spring and Summer registration information will be forthcoming.